“Strength in Unity: Brothers’ Unforgettable Story of Overcoming Challenges” loi

They are brothers, but they all have some abnormalities.

They can’t manage to run due to their health conditions.

The young brother Mussisi had a dream to become a president, while Paul wanted to become a professional footballer, but one thing halted their dreams.

They have Kyphoscoliosis, which ruined their destiny.

Meet these brothers who are living differently.


Kyphoscoliosis, which is a common spinal disorder, affects approximately one in a thousand individuals, and about one in ten thousand affected individuals has a spinal deformity.

Deformities include excessive spinal curvature in the coronal and sagittal planes, as well as rotation of the spinal actors, Kami Rukundo.

Paul was born like this.

My name is.

I was born normal, but later caught with this abnormality when i was in premaritu.

Maybe i had like eight years old.

By then it started developing slurry by slurry and then grew this big

And i started feeling more tiredness, especially when climbing, and this forced me to drop out of school.

Most of the times i feel so much pain in the chest when i do jogging or simply run for 10 minutes.

My lungs releases so much air and the heart beats faster and faster.

I’m their mother and i raised them alone because the father abandoned me at their young age and married another wife.

Musician’s sickness surprised us because he was born normal, but when he had eight years he started developing this abnormality front and back.

At the beginning i thought maybe he got a certain injury and kept quiet.

We started giving him massage, but he wasn’t even feeling a little pain.

Later on i took him to the hospital and doctor scanned him and said: had they operated him, he would die immediately.

So i was left with no any other option other than bringing him here at home, and this condition has kept on increasing in size, whether in the back or in the shoulders.

This forced him to drop out of school because he no longer managed to go there, and we could also not manage to carry him to school daily.

This has affected his life completely and brought him respiratory issues whereby sometimes he faces difficulties in breathing, like when he climbs, and he has stopped taking different kinds of food.

If that happens, we feed him like a baby, wash him and dress him.

We do everything for him.

In such occasions we are not happy with the way we don’t go to school, whether me or my young brother, because of the abnormality we share.

That does not permit us to walk long distances.

This is so sad that we don’t see what our future will look like without education.

But on the other hand, we are very happy for not going to school.

We have daily holidays and at school we were always bullied by fellow students saying we are not people like them, some saying that we originate from camels, that we were created to live in the desert.

They could say that we can withstand living a life without water for some years and so on.

We got so much harassment, but it was okay until our health issues kept on increasing and worsening our health situations.

The society and families at large have also not been fair to our children.

People don’t always want to get along with my children.

Instead, they try and go away from them as if they have infectious diseases.

Every neighbor here says that they think my children are possessed with some evil spirit.

That’s the reason why they try and go away from them.

Other family members said that they will never overcome my children.

They cannot let them play and have fun with their children.

They think my children were contaminated with a certain virus that maybe they can spray to them according to their own perspective, which is false.

Some people out here have a false mindset and there is nothing we can do to change that.

If i’m lucky enough and get someone whom i cultivate for, that’s when we get food.

If not, we spend some days without eating.

I got Peter.

I try and play football.

I have never seen a president who has such the abnormality i have.

This alone is a barrier.

There is no one who would vote for me to become a president when looking like this, i would lose even before i contest that two-year clock was in the energy.

Accordingly, it’s been three years since i started learning how to repair shoes.

Now i’m a professional shoe repairer.

Only that here in this village people walk with no shoes.

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